Switch2Drip is program we’ve developed to help homeowners, and small businesses, switch from conventional sprinklers to drip irrigation systems—without involving an expensive contractor. We’ve taken our years of professional experience, distilled them into an easy-to-follow guide, and assembled the perfect homeowner kit of drip irrigation equipment. Here is how it works.

  1. Before you order, you’ll need to decide how big of an area you’ll convert. We recommend starting small and working your way through your yard over time. If you need help we can answer any questions via online chat, email, or phone at our toll free number (844) LESS-H2O.
  2. After your kit arrives, read through the instructions and get familiar with the parts of the system (and your irrigation controller). You’ll use the sprinkler sizing guide to to determine how many of each kind of sprinkler caps you need. You’ll order them at WaterWiseNow.com/OrderCaps and apply your personal coupon code at checkout. The caps will be free, and they’ll ship free, too.

    Then, jump in! Don’t forget, you have 30 minutes of free phone support with your Switch2Drip purchase—please use it if you need it!

  3. Convert one sprinkler and cap the rest. We’ll tell you which sprinkler to pick for the conversion, how to adjust its height if needed, and of course, how to install it.
  4. Plant new plants, if you’re doing that. Unfortunately we can’t help you with designing your garden, ordering or installing plants. If you need information about choosing plants, shoot us a quick email and we’ll direct you to some useful resources.
  5. Install the drip tubing. We give you instructions for doing this the easiest way possible, and what to do if the easiest way doesn’t work at your house. We also provide pro tips on how to best use the tubing and fittings, how to install the end-of-line kit, how to do tubing repairs (super easy), and how to staple it down.
  6. Test the system. Head over to your controller and turn on the station you’ve just converted. Inspect your work following our instructions. Don’t forget, you get 30 minutes of free phone support with your Switch2Drip purchase—please use it if you need it!
  7. Update your controller using our watering schedule guide. We provided detailed information about setting your new schedule, how to update it and when, and how to adjust it for your garden. If you’re planting new plants, add 25% to the watering times for the first year to help them get established.
  8. Wait for that new water bill that shows you what an awesome water saver you are! Don’t forget to brag to your friends… it’s people like you who will help us all have enough drinking water in the future.