You probably already understand that drip irrigation saves a lot of water compared to traditional sprinklers, but here are 5 more great reasons you should Switch2Drip.

  1. Cheap & Easy: Drip irrigation systems are cheaper and easier for homeowners to maintain than conventional sprinklers—no digging, no pipes, no moving parts.
  2. Efficient: Drip irrigation systems are up to 50% more efficient than conventional sprinklers. This has many benefits beyond simply saving tons of water.
    1. A reduction in dry-weather runoff—a HUGE water waster
    2. Plants grow faster because they don’t experience water stress
    3. Improved air quality due to reduction of water particles being forced into the air REALLY? Yes. Though I’m okay with finding something as good or better to say…
    4. Drip irrigation equipment and practices ensure that water is applied only when and where it is needed, conserving huge amounts of water!
  3. Promotes Health: Drip irrigation helps prevent mold and fungus in shady parts of the landscape, as well as disease prevention by keeping leaf surfaces dry, preventing fungal diseases and spotting on fruits and vegetables.
  4. Prevents Weeds: Drip irrigation cuts down on weeds by keeping the soil surface dry where there aren’t any plants
  5. Protects Your Home: Drip irrigation eliminates structural damage from sprinklers that spray onto buildings which can damage paint, stucco, retaining walls, and foundations. Drip reduces soil erosion, which damages landscapes and properties