What is Switch2Drip?

A semi-permanent, professionally-designed irrigation system.
Not something you hack together and connect to your outdoor faucet instead of a hose.

A Weekend Project for Homeowners

  • Designed for homeowners, loved by landscape professionals
  • Get 30 minutes of free phone support from our Water Angels
  • We've thought of everything—no extra trips to the hardware store

Start Saving Water Immediately

  1. Cap your sprinklers and install our drip irrigation kit
  2. Reset your irrigation controller (your new schedule is included)
  3. Be proud of the work you’ve done to help conserve water

Professional-Grade Equipment & Methods

  • Professional-grade equipment not available at big box stores
  • Developed over 15 years by our licensed landscape contractor
  • Professionals charge $2000 or more. DIY for a lot less.

Convert your sprinklers like a pro—without the extra cost of a landscaper.

Check out the Water Savings Info chart below to estimate how much water you’ll save each year.

Water Savings Information

The charts below show you how much water and money you can save on your water bill when you switch from spray sprinklers to drip irrigation. These calculations are per 250 square feet—the area covered by a small Switch2Drip kit.

Converting From Turf Grass with Sprinklers to Low Water Plants with Drip Irrigation (All values are approximate and annual)

  Gallons Saved Money Saved
Santa Rosa 12,000 $85
San Jose 13,500 $60
Modesto 15,000 $30
Los Angeles 13,500 $105
San Diego 13,000 $75
Palm Springs 20,000 $40

Converting to Drip for Shrubs & Trees (All values are approximate and annual)

  Existing Low Water Plants Existing High Water Plants
  Gallons Saved Money Saved Gallons Saved Money Saved
Santa Rosa 1,000 $8 5,000 $35
San Jose 1,000 $5 5,500 $25
Modesto 1,500 $5 6,000 $10
Los Angeles 1,000 $10 5,500 $40
San Diego 1,000 $5 5,000 $30
Palm Springs 2,000 $5 8,000 $15

Rebate Info

Water districts and cities all around California are encouraging homeowners and businesses to remove unnecessary turf grasses and lawns. They know how much water taking out your lawn can save, so they're paying folks to do it—anywhere from $1 to $3.75 per square foot (maximums often apply).

To apply for your water district's Turf Removal Program, visit their website and carefully follow all of their instructions before doing any work.

After you're approved, Once you've been approved to replace your lawn, we can help you order the right equipment and install it yourself. We'll show you which products you'll need to:

  • Easily convert your lawn sprinklers to drip irrigation
  • Install drip tubing for your new drought-tolerant plants
  • Provide assistance during the installation process so you don't get stuck!


Three convenient kit sizes to help you convert any area in your yard.

Small Bundle
$1 per square foot
Up to 250 square feet
All-in-one Kit
Professional grade equipment
Designed for homeowners
Free 30 minutes phone support
Cost to hire a contractor: $750+
Buy It Now
Medium Bundle
$0.90 per square foot
Up to 500 square feet
All-in-one kit
Professional grade equipment
Designed for homeowners
Free 30 minutes of phone support
Cost to hire a contractor: $1,000+
Buy It Now
Large Bundle
$0.80 per square foot
Up to 1000 square feet
All-in-one Kit
Professional grade equipment
Designed for homeowners
Free 30 minutes phone support
Cost to hire a contractor: $1,400+
Buy It Now

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